Olivier Bossel
January 2018


Olivier Bossel

Clean terminal output with NPM/Yarn scripts

Olivier BosselOlivier Bossel

I’ve always had an issue when working with NPM/Yarn scripts. The terminal output produced is just awful and hard to read. Every scripts print his own mess one above the other and this has always bothered me.

During days, I tried to find something on the web to clean my scripts output easily. Unfortunately, my research goes to a dead end. This is why I decided to build my own.

Introducing Coffeekraken Scripts Stack

Nice terminal interface to handle npm/yarn scripts execution as well as watch and run automatically the wanted ones.


  1. Display nicely your npm scripts
    • List all your scripts automaticaly
    • Switch between scripts output easily
    • Automatically switch between scripts when they starts
    • Display script status like error, success, running, etc…
  2. Built-in watch mecanism
    • Simply define which files to monitor and which scripts to execute
    • Display the watch status of each scripts
  3. Run your scripts visually
    • Execute the wanted script with 1 key press

Hope this can be useful for others as well. Feel free to make feedbacks directly on the github issues tracking panel as well as contribute to this project by making pull requests, etc…

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